Working From Home

Working From Home
May 12, 2020 Adelaide

Guide to Working From Home

In light of recent government advice COVID-19 continues as a threat to the nation. Although ‘lockdown’ meant a shift to compulsory working from home for a period, this is likely to be elongated.

You may be self isolating, however you may have flat mates or perhaps partners, kids and animals to keep you company. This article is meant to share some tips which you might find useful to support you, your team and the households working from home scenario.


The NEW work environment 

Working with your team

Communication remains important.

Hopefully your regular team meetings have remained in the diary even though you are all at home. You may now be adept at Zoom (who had heard of that in January?) or be using Skype / Google Hangouts / MSTeams or What’s App to stay in touch.

We have enjoyed remote drinks on a Friday, as well as the normal 1-2-1 sessions, and even managed to undertake a grievance investigation through video conferencing – and it’s almost as good as face to face meetings!


Online Training

Your team’s working days may have changed a little with working from home, with fewer meetings, etc., and so this could be the perfect time to introduce some online training.

Please get in touch if you’d like to know more about how you can implement E-learning.

Another online learning tool we’ve recently discovered is Kahoot – you can design simple quizzes for testing knowledge or even just something for fun!



Business networkers are likely to be missing interaction with your peers at the moment, but there are online options. Of course, there is LinkedIn where you can stay connected with other businesses, but there are also a lot of other communities popping up. Groups on Facebook have been an enormous hit – check out some of your areas of interest. We’ve been busy with daily 8am meetings to get going and motivated for the day ahead.


Health & Safety

Have you managed to organise a Work From Home Policy and double checked everyone has the right equipment to work safely? Although you can’t physically check how your team’s work station is set up, it might be a good idea to share this DSE workstation checklist with them so they can check they are set up correctly, you can find one on the Health & Safety Executive website here.


Please contact us if you would like help in building more structure in these uncertain times. Our off the shelf policies or bespoke solutions will offer you guidance. Contact or call Adelaide on 07711 199732, we look forward to hearing from you.

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