About Us


Our founder’s journey highlights why our customers keep using us. We love and are great at what we do… 


We offer:

HR and Business Start-Up Mentoring
We are trusted in our capacity to upskill HR staff as well as guide entrepreneurs in a business start up.

1-2-1 Personal Growth                                                                                                      We have a proven track record in coaching millennials finding themselves at a crossroads. We are confident in our ability to support people on their journey to make dreams reality.

Motivational Sessions
Why not join our motivational sessions to give yourself a boost?

HRsource facilitates discussions on a wide range of topics allowing personal growth. These sessions start at the price of a coffee, give them a try! Networking in groups of up to 15 people, sessions are held several times per week on Zoom. Choose from:

  • Motivational Mornings (peer to peer coaches)
  • Business Building Brunch (entrepreneurial support network)
  • Lunchtime Learning (for employees/ teams)
  • Connecting over a Cuppa (for all, during the COVID disruption)

HR support
We guide you step by step through an HR challenge, chair formal meetings for you or will act as a mediator. We will assist in setting up an HR function, provide HR documents or review existing policies and procedures.

HR Retainers
We work with your team to suit your requirements, offering long term support, paid for on an annual or monthly basis.

HR Project Work
Transformational change, redundancy programmes, devising new policies, building company culture or setting up a new business are just some of the examples of our project work.