Personal Performance Sessions

Meta coach: Because life is more than just taking part.

  • You’re smart.
  • You’re eager.
  • You’re able to figure everything out.
  • Except what your future holds.

Meta derives from the Greek μετά and encompasses  moving beyond.

Meta-coach Programmes

  • Alignment Programme – what makes you tick?
  • Career Programme – which themes are right for you?
  • Purpose Programme – what is your vision and mission in life? Making decisions will be easy.
  • Ad hoc Sessions – exploring goals (any topic)
  • Group Sessions – offer an insight into our programmes.

After all this is about you.

  • You are clever
  • You have the answers, and
  • I will guide you.

You can do more than just let life happen to you.

Because life is about more than just taking part. 

You are destined for great things. Take that first step today

Contact Meta-coach now, we will gift you a consultation session to begin your metamorphosis:

  • 4 x Individual Sessions for just £350
  • 8 x Individual Sessions for just £650
  • Group Sessions from £15.00
  • On a quarterly basis we offer sponsorship for 1 individual 

Why use HRsource?

Our founder, Adelaide, overcame a plethora of challenges between the age of 19 and 36.

She unlocked the key to her personal success. This knowledge allows her to offer inspirational, motivational and respectful sessions, allowing you to excel.

Make that change!

Contact Adelaide today for a free consultation.

Once you’re ready to start, sign up for:

  • 4 or 6 session package
  • Pay As You Go