• I enjoy being back doing something with others and really like the relaxed approach with a  smaller group.

    Thank you all for a great week, you organize it well, learning is always so much easier when it is fun!

    Joanne AMotivational Session Participant
  • Before the session she provided me with a notepad and pen to write down my concerns, how they have come about and how I could resolve them. This not only gave her context on our first session but also helped me to rationalise and focus on the issue in hand without feeling clouded by emotion.

    During the sessions Adelaide actively listens and rather than trying to provide solutions, asks you to think how a positive resolution might be gained. This makes you engage with the situation and facilitates a considered and own-able strategy for moving forward.

    Toward the end of our sessions Adelaide provided a summary of our time together which was both precise and motivational. I felt she had listened understood and guided me to find my own solution for the task in hand.

    I would highly recommend Adelaide for life coaching for both professional and personal issues.

    Louisa PCoaching Client
  • I have only recently started to join the Motivational Morning sessions led by Adelaide, and I find them a perfect mix of learning, networking and support. Adelaide prepares well for the sessions so we are focused on a topic, and she facilitates a great discussion between the participants. Together we learn and consider how we can put it into practice. I certainly feel motivated to work on my goals after the Motivational Morning calls….


    Bonnie HMotivational Session Participant
  • Working with a coach was a step into the unknown – I wanted to know what it ‘feels’ like to work with a professional coach, I wanted to check out the benefits and understand what sort of difference could be made due to working together rather than going solo.

    The professionalism, respect and safe space which Adelaide provided offered a solid foundation from where we started our 7 sessions between May and June 2020.  There’s no doubt I was a little nervous and apprehensive about opening up – Adelaide never judged or saw this as an issue – her warmth, years of experience and love of working with people shone through – Adelaide the made me more relaxed and enabled me to open up, to say things out loud which I had only ever internalised.

    Our early sessions truly empowered me. Adelaide really listened to me and helped me to listen to myself. With the careful introduction of ‘homework’ to aid my reflection between sessions, Adelaide helped me look deeply at what is important to me and what was holding me back.   PUR sessions always resulted in an action plan and always ended with me really motivated with clear steps to take, knowing how and when I was going to progress.

    It was great to work together, I am SO grateful to have had these sessions with Adelaide – her sense of humour, her support, her professionalism, her skilled listening and questioning were all central to the growth in clarity and confidence which I achieved.

    I recommend working with Adelaide and would be happy to have a chat with anyone who is considering doing so if they would like to ask any questions.

    Lorna CCoaching Client