The A – Z of Adelaide…

The A – Z of Adelaide…
July 15, 2020 Adelaide

…Or perhaps just A!

During early lockdown, when we were all trying to find the new normal, I joined the many on facebook taking part in random time wasters, for example the ‘10 albums which defined my taste in music’ or asking friends for a word to describe me using the letter A.

These exercises allowed a certain amount of frivolity, but also gave course to introspection. Whilst I was described as ‘Amazing’, ‘Adorable’, ‘Awesome’, ‘Alluring’, ‘Amicable’ (words which will describe any human) and gratifyingly not angry or antagonistic (which at certain times I’m sure I can be with my family), a few of these adjectives got me thinking. Some friends had found words which I hadn’t considered.

These surprised me, causing me to reflect whether these friends had an insight into me which I take for granted.

I am passionate about other human beings, the profession I have chosen fits me well. Additionally, I always think of others, love feeding people (nourishment of the mind as well as delicious food) being kind, supporting and not wanting anything in return. I must thank my neighbour who summed me to the core, by writing ‘Altrustic’, a word I had never previously used to help define me.

My career has been assisted by my good judgement, being perceptive in the various situations which arise and therefore the cousin who called me ‘Astute’ who doesn’t know the business me, recognised the qualities which innately form me.

I have good friends in their twenties and others in their seventies, from different religions, ethnic backgrounds; am buoyed by their diversity and love learning about different cultures. This ability to relate to people, no matter what confounds, to the university friend who wrote ‘Ageless’, I consider this as being able to fit in to any situation (or perhaps I’ve not changed in the many years I’ve known her).

Wearing different hats continually throughout the day, from being a Mum, friend, sister, wife, driver, manager, housekeeper, consultant, mentor, coach is something I thrive from. Having the ability to go with the flow, to quickly change direction when required, the ex-colleague who described me as ‘Adaptable’, clearly recognises the fact I love a challenge and dislike groundhog day.

Laughter is the best medicine, I have a dry sense of humour and love a giggle and to lighten the mood where ever possible. A Mum from school calling me ‘Amusing’ does fit, and if it is because I am the cause of the enjoyment, I’ll take that too!

That’s just the start of the alphabet, I am too modest to request friends and colleagues to start describing me with other letters, particularly as I believe these words offer a well-rounded opinion of me.


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