I returned to the office today

I returned to the office today
October 2, 2020 Adelaide

I recognised my need to separate work and home a couple of years ago and had invested in a cabin in the garden.

When my son returned from university in March, way earlier than expected, he transformed my cabin into an architectural studio, the space became a hub of creativity with models and A1 drawings. The uncertainty of his future at Uni due to COViD meant until he was settled into his 2nd year, I didn’t want to encroach on my garden office.

Today I started my morning in the office, facilitating my regular, ‘Motivational Mornings’ Zoom call.

When I popped back ‘home’ for a cuppa I was suddenly taken to put some washing on… it struck me that I knew I had been right about having a space to work away from the normal life of home.

For months I had procrastinated in so many areas. I’d taken a day out of my week to undertake the humdrum jobs of shopping/ cleaning/ washing…

Working prior to COVID, my routine was a well-oiled machine. Train to work, train back, out of the house, 11 hours per day minimum. Fitting in washing, cooking and cleaning around my schedule.

How come when living and working from home continuously I struggled with self-motivation to fit housework in?

It could have been suddenly 4 of us in the house, all beavering away at one thing or another, meaning a lack of space to achieve these things. But, in early lockdown this didn’t pose a challenge as we rocked our way into the ‘new normal’.

I took the unusual circumstances as a personal challenge – cooking new recipes to entertain our taste buds with a variety of dishes; spring cleaning and keeping our home as immaculate as possible.

When restrictions were lifted and we edged into some sort of normality during June and July, the slog of my being at home constantly started to grind. I lost interest in the housework (luckily for the family this did not extend to my cooking, I see that as a hobby!) and the routine dissipated as the others returned to work, uni, engaging with friends.

I had spent time in 1:2:1 sessions discussing my ‘move’ down the garden, I had a plan. The plan was thwarted along the way, set back by the cabin not being vacated as quickly as I’d hoped.

Last week I moved my office equipment, paperwork and everything to my new space. Yet I still wasn’t ready to make the move…

Procrastination? Fear of change? Not wanting to bite the bullet?

I had excuses such as, ‘What if I can’t get broadband to hold Zoom meetings?’

In hindsight (which is always a wonderful thing) all of these were ridiculous!

Today is a new beginning. My opportunities are endless.

Now is the time I am extending the portfolio of motivational sessions I run, to engage with different groups of people and offer a platform to provide inspiration and boost energy.

I am excited that I will be able to see old and new faces, develop a rapport and discuss topics which will assist us in our journey to make dreams our reality.

HR work and 1:2:1 sessions will continue (in person if they wish!).

Most importantly I am now enjoying my workspace, I’ve attained that goal! It is just what I wanted, a personal, safe and confidential space, even if it’s only a few metres from home.

For booking motivational sessions contact me or use the following link:


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