The Powerful Art of Listening

The Powerful Art of Listening
October 20, 2020 Adelaide

Wow! Thank you for all who participated in this morning’s motivational session, where we delved into relationships and focused on the skill of listening.

Who listens to you?

Sometimes we need a sounding board to vent frustrations or concerns or to share celebrations.

Other times we want advice, from a family member, friend or colleague. Yet, would the person you ask know any more than you?

As you are the expert in your own life, should you take advice from anyone else?

Ultimately if decisions need to be made, they have to come from you as you are the key stakeholder in your life. This is the reason 1-2-1 sessions offer amazing results.

During today’s group discussion a member described how writing down frustrations assisted her in tackling issues. Referring to her ‘vomit book’ as the place where she is able to vent, to let off steam and to put challenges aside. Whilst this is one way of tackling mind chatter, talking to someone is immensely important, providing that the other person is actively listening.

One of the small group exercises today allowed each participant the chance to talk uninterrupted for 3 minutes on any topic they chose. Their partner listened intently – not making any judgement or asking any questions until the time had passed.

The result was extremely powerful for both individuals. Speakers took the opportunity to share and talk about what really mattered in that moment. As a listener we noticed far more. Taking the time to hear was instrumental in the success of our session, even when we listened to silence for a few minutes at the end of the session.

I am so grateful to have the chance to facilitate these group motivational sessions. Sharing experiences, knowledge and discussing with each other, and above all else everyone having the chance to be heard. One thing we have in common is that we are all human. The interaction with others helps us learn about ourselves and offers us inspiration as a group.

Listening is a skill. We need to learn to listen and teach those around us to listen, it should be taught to our children.

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