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  • How long after I’ve fired someone… Part 3 Development

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    How long after I’ve fired someone can I reemploy them? Part 3

    You’ve found a replacement. A buzz word comes into play, onboarding.

    Starting a new job is tricky. Most of us will have some understanding of the ‘first time nerves’, the anticipation when you are about to experience something new. Walking into a new job role requires some courage, particularly if you haven’t been briefed about what to expect on that initial day.

    As employers’ we can assist in the transition into the new work place. A person who is offered an introduction to the company and their colleagues, is likely to settle in quickly. They will become part of the team more easily if there is someone to show them the ropes. Otherwise they will be required to show an element of boldness and find out everything for themselves.

    I am aware of many people in various companies who haven’t been shown the ropes. They don’t feel important enough to have had time spent on them, explaining what the rest of the workforce will take for granted. Some are scared to ask about how they book holiday, or what day they will get paid. This type of query is just a starting point. It makes sense that a little effort from an employer can reap rewards in the short and long term.

    An induction programme can be very basic, lasting minutes, or could become far more detailed with several days and many people offering support to the new starter. It isn’t always the case that a more detailed introduction will work wonders, quality is better than quantity.

    The trainer needs to feel at ease with the subject matter. With the use of support materials, whether they comprise a handout/ powerpoint presentation or simply a checklist, attention will remain on the subject matter, ensuring the anticipated content be covered.

    Success isn’t just down to the trainer(s) to induct at a level suited to the individual learner, it involves the enthusiasm of the new starter to learn. If the employee is expecting to walk in and start work immediately, but they are not given that opportunity, their focus won’t be on what is being passed onto them, it will be wondering when they will experience ‘really’ starting work.

    It is fitting that any programme is developed with these parameters in mind, along with communication to those being trained and training, so that none of it is a surprise to anyone in the ‘on-board’ process.

    When it comes to actually commencing the role, unless it is a post which no-one has ever embarked upon before, further information should be provided in the expectations of the role, what tasks should be undertaken by what method. This might mean anything from coaching, through to a development programme where the employee is taught the required duties over a period of months.

    Simply finding the correct new team member isn’t enough. Planning their first hours within the company, and helping them to fit in with the ethos and culture of the business will make all the difference.

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