Engaging your Employees

Engaging your Employees
May 14, 2020 Adelaide

The changes in March to May 2020 are unprecedented – many companies had to organise a 100% remote workforce in days.  Whilst the recent government updates suggests a return to the workplace for some, the new normal will be very different, for an elongated period and working from home will remain part of our lives.

The majority of employees worldwide have adjusted to a new way of working during COVID-19, yet leaders are being faced with supporting employees through a pandemic never seen in our lifetimes.

In our new reality every individual faces a degree of disruption, from having to juggle home schooling and working, to missing out on seeing relatives.

Employee engagement is not easily noticed when a company is working well. However, in tricky times it really comes alive. The ethos and culture ingrained within your company can see your team pull together:

  • is everyone stepping up to the challenges raised in the COVID-19 world together?
  • how can we overcome the stress and anxiety caused by extended social distancing rules?

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Whilst you will no doubt be regularly communicating with your whole team, your messages can assist in building the team, distracting from false news and inferences made by social media to build a safe place for your team to understand the impact of the latest announcements on them.

Such involvement will ensure your Senior Leadership Team remains visible. Build the trust and ensure you have empathy for the team in the communications you offer.

Organising remote social activity along whole team check ins will keep the momentum moving in a positive way. Microsoft has held a Town Hall for worldwide employees, 1000’s of people ready and willing to hear the message from leaders. Other companies are holding wellbeing sessions online, offering teams the chance to learn about a variety of topics, from how to set up for video conferencing from actors to kick boxing sessions.

Learning, Development, Mentoring and Coaching

Just because the new normal means we are social distancing it doesn’t mean our plans to better our team have to fall flat. Many training courses are now available online, and learning in this way can be motivational.

Investing in the team by offering the opportunity to develop will allow immense payback over time. But, it’s not for everyone. If an individual is struggling in the new normal, coaching may provide an answer – with a one to one safe space to turn limiting beliefs into positive outcomes. 

Moving Forward

Trust, Compassion, Stability and Hope have been the expectations of employees in previous crises. Remaining engaged, listening and offering a safe space for your work colleagues will pay dividends in the long run. Make engagement of your team a priority.


If you need further assistance in Employee Engagement, links to training or for 1-2-1 coaching session, call HRsource today.

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