I found my coaching sessions with Adelaide invaluable

I found my coaching sessions with Adelaide invaluable
September 30, 2020 Adelaide

Before the session she provided me with a notepad and pen to write down my concerns, how they have come about and how I could resolve them. This not only gave her context on our first session but also helped me to rationalise and focus on the issue in hand without feeling clouded by emotion.

During the sessions Adelaide actively listens and rather than trying to provide solutions, asks you to think how a positive resolution might be gained. This makes you engage with the situation and facilitates a considered and own-able strategy for moving forward.

Toward the end of our sessions Adelaide provided a summary of our time together which was both precise and motivational. I felt she had listened understood and guided me to find my own solution for the task in hand.

I would highly recommend Adelaide for life coaching for both professional and personal issues.